The Universe

Is the universe finite & without boundaries?
Take the surface of the earth.
We have spatial lines of latitude & longitude.
The lines of latitude have no beginning of end, we just go around in circles.
The lines of latitude are finite in distance though.
Now the lines of longitude have a beginning & an end.
We can perhaps say that they have points of infinity at the poles.
But in reality we can go over the poles & all the way around; again in circles.
The spatial dimension perpendicular to the lines of latitude, in reality, has no beginning or end & is finite.
Now the big leap.
The spatial dimensions of the universe could be similar, i.e. finite without beginning or end.
If time is just another dimension, could it be that time is also without beginning or end & finite?
Is the Big Bang best viewed not as the beginning of time, but like the lines of longitude on a globe?


Can we say that Life struggles against entropy (to maintain its form)?
It struggles to survive.

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