Profit & Interest

Part Five: The Division of Profit into Interest and Profit of Enterprise

Marx argues that when interest-bearing capital is separated from productive capital a division is introduced between the share of SV accruing to money-capital, interest and the profits that remain to productive capital after the payment of interest, that appear as the ‘profits of enterprise’.

Thus it comes to appear that capital generates interest, so that profit is completely divorced from production.

Chapter 21 – Interest-Bearing Capital


Chapter 22 – Division of Profit. Rate of Interest. ‘Natural’ Rate of Interest


Chapter 23 – Interest and Profit of Enterprise


Chapter 24 – Interest-Bearing Capital as the Superficial Form of the Capital Relation


Chapter 25 – Credit and Fictitious Capital


Chapter 26 – Accumulation of Money Capital and its Influence on the Rate of Interest


Chapter 27 – The Role of Credit in Capitalist Production


Chapter 28 – Means of Circulation and Capital. The Views of Tooke and Fullarton


Chapter 29 – Banking Capital’s Component Parts


Chapter 30 – Money Capital and Real Capital: I


Chapter 31 – Money Capital and Real Capital: II


Chapter 32 – Money Capital and Real Capital: III


Chapter 33 – The Means of Circulation under the Credit System


Chapter 34 – The Currency Principle and the English Bank Legislation of 1844


Chapter 35 – Precious Metal and the Rate of Exchange


Chapter 36 – Pre-Capitalist Relations



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