Born Lev Davidovich Bronstein

The Year 1905 (1907)

War and the International (1914)

Terrorism & Communism (1920)

The New Course (1923)

History of the Russian Revolution (1930)

The Permanent Revolution (1931)

Their Morals and Ours (1936)
“A means can be justified only by its end. But the end in its turn needs to be justified. From the Marxist point of view, which expresses the historical interests of the proletariat, the end is justified if it leads to increasing the power of man over nature and to the abolition of the power of man over man.”

The Revolution Betrayed (1936)

Stalinism & Bolshevism (1937)

The Stalin School of Falsification (1937)

The Transitional Program for Socialist Revolution (1938)

Trotsky’s Notebooks (1986)
“Dialectics is the logic of development. It examines the world – completely & without exception – not as the result of creation, of a sudden beginning, the realisation of a plan, but as a result of motion, of transformation. Everything that is became the way it is as a result of law-like development…the organic world emerged from the inorganic, consciousness is a capacity of living organisms depending upon organs that originated through evolution…In other words “the soul” of evolution (of dialectics) leads in the last analysis to matter. The evolutionary point of view carried to a logial conclusion leaves no room for either idealism or dualism, or for the other species of eclecticism.”

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